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Best Birthday Cupcake Ideas for all Events

There are many excellent ideas to decorate and design cupcakes for children as well as adults. Here are a few to get started.

Choosing the Flavors

Flavors must be chosen according to the particular taste of person. Butter cream is very delicious, holding a rich taste and texture. Adding vanilla essence or peppermint on it will work wonders. Melted Belgian chocolate makes it a truly chocolate cupcake when mixed in it. If there are guests, having multiple types of tastes, it is best to offer a couple of different flavors of cupcakes. A batch of simple white cupcakes is one of nicest birthday cupcake ideas, as it is liked by almost everyone. Chocolate cherry coke cupcakes are most commonly made and mostly people enjoys it. One of coolest birthday cupcake ideas is strawberry lime stuffed cupcakes, offering a delightful surprise in the middle of each one.

Decorating with Toppings

Food coloring can be employed to dye the topping, making the birthday cupcakes look more delicious and attractive. The topping can be made from icing or butter cream. The topping of sugar sprinkled in favorite colors is also one of the best birthday cupcake ideas. The topping can be piped and whipped to make cupcake more alluring. Chocolate can be added to the butter cream for great taste and chocolate chips spread on top add an extra depth. Other birthday cupcake ideas include chocolate faux-bois topper, silver balls, candied orange slices, jelly sweets, edible flowers and lollipops, etc.

Icing and Garnishing

Icing and garnishing are very common birthday cupcake ideas. Cupcakes can have a photographic transfer image on the icing like sheet cakes. A variety of funny images of loved ones can be used to decorate the cupcakes. Icing garnishing adds unique flavors on top of each cupcake. One of the unique birthday cupcake ideas is to place the cupcake iced on the top and sides in a small ice cream cone to make it a cupcake cone. One letter on each cupcake can be placed to spell Happy Birthday. Many children are pleased about a cream cheese icing on cupcakes. Food coloring helps to make many different colors of icing.